The Liberation Project was started by
Life Consultants Justin Stumvoll and Blair Reynolds. 

Justin Stumvoll
Master Life Consultant

Justin is an avid collector of action figures and has no shame about it. His figures of choice are G.I. Joes. When he's not playing with his toys... err collecting action figures, he's busy with his life consulting business where he has taken a decade of personal transformation, and his passion for the emotional restoration and well-being of people, and created a business of healing and empowerment for individuals, families, and businesses. Justin is also the author of the recently published book, The Tree of Life, and a speaker. He's married to his gorgeous wife Abi who he tricked into marrying him.


Blair Reynolds
Business/Life Consultant

Blair spends about a third of his life at Starbucks. He has an office. He chooses not to use it. Over the last several years, he's been a hybrid business and life consultant to hundreds of individuals and organizations. He brings a sense of humor to working with people, so that they can grow without the traditional pain of "getting emotionally well." He is the founder of Life Consulting Course, is the host of, helped to create Entrepreneur Academy, founded Business Consulting Course, and has his own Life Consulting practice. Apparently, he likes working. He also likes swimming...and Twix.