What the heck is The Liberation Project?

The Liberation Project Podcast is a conversation to discover what it means to be a man. We're waging war on passivity, addiction, and anything that would keep a man from stepping into his real identity. 


What's the Podcast about?

We cover topics that affect all men: sex, careers, becoming bold again, kicking-ass at life. We won't shy away from the topics that actually matter...even if that pisses some people off (we didn't like those people anyway). 




Sold! I need this, where can I listen?

The easiest way to listen to our podcast is to subscribe at iTunes. It'd be epic if you listen to an episode or two, and then add your voice in the reviews. See you on the other side. Join us RIGHT HERE

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What are people saying? Here are a few Itunes Reviews: 

The Liberation Project
  • Hard and heart hitting TRUTH that everyone needs more of for a richer life.
    — iTunes Reviewer
  • This podcast has helped me develop a healthy lifestyle and has taught me how to love life again.
    — iTunes Reviewer
  • Real, non-macho, non-PC, unadulterated view of manhood.
    — iTunes Reviewer
  • If you want to laugh, grow a LOT, and learn to be a more powerful man, stop reading this review and go listen to it.
    — iTunes Reviewer
  • They’ve encouraged me to be powerful and influence the world around me. This is great for guys, girls, singles or marrieds.
    — iTunes Reviewer
  • I enjoy the perspective of healthy men. Too many men out there faking it. They bring a fresh breath of real masculinity
    — iTunes Reviewer
  • This podcast is saturated in such great content that is so rarely addressed yet so needed.
    — iTunes Reviewer

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